For Members


Joining the club

We strongly recommend that you register for the club officially through OUSA, there’s no $$ or formal commitment required! However, if you don’t, then you’re more than welcome to participate in our events and Discord community. You can stay up to date via the Discord community or through our Facebook and Instagram.

OUSA Registration

If you haven’t already registered through OUSA, then please do so here! It’s free, lets us send you emails (we won’t spam you), and the official growth helps us to connect with more sponsorship opportunities.


We moderate a friendly and inclusive Discord community where you can discuss anything — whether that’s your favourite DBMS, the course that you’re struggling with, or just what you had for dinner last night. There’s also lots of helpful and (reasonably) knowledgeable people in the community to answer any of your burning code questions.

Other Social Media Pages

We have a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok! Please show them some support. 😀



We have an active GitHub with a few repos. All members are more than welcome to contribute to these.


If your programming is looking a little rusty, then give these a go! (And if you have any recommendations for more sites, please flick them over to @Exec on our Discord community.)

  • CodingBat - fuss-free Python and Java
  • Leetcode - the best-known site for prepping for technical interviews
  • W3Schools - also includes some brilliant language guides
  • Learn X in Y Minutes - great when you need to quickly skim the basics of an unfamiliar language

In-person resources

The club has a robotic arm and a 3D printer in storage (contact us with any enquiries regarding these via Discord).

Anything else

Simply tell us what you need via Discord!